Saturday, July 08, 2006

How I Spent my 4th of July!

We celebrated my youngest niece's b-day on July 4th. She was so excited to open gifts and be 5. After dinner and some gift opening, my family took them to the fair and to watch the fire works. I stayed at my folk's house for a bit before going out to Ernesto's to watch fireworks. It was about 11pm before I got home and into bed... That's sort of my tradition.. to go to Ernesto's to watch fireworks....stand on the bridge, over the freeway and watch the Richfield fireworks...with friends and his neighbors...

Katie was declawed and found to have a bladder infection of some kind...Brought her home and she continued to pee all over my new house...Grrr. Which caused me to close her up my lower level bath. I could here her meowing and pulling on the bathroom door all night...which not only makes me crazy but Mr. Gabriel too! My brother's g-friend works at a feline speciality clinic so I took her there and had her checked out. While she was at the vet, I cleaned up the house with every enzyme killer I could find and lots o' lots o' soap! She's been good since...keep your fingers crossed!

I will crabby for the next 5 weeks due to the Anthropology class I'm taking. Journal entries for every article we read, 2 movie reviews (easy!) 1 book report and several group and singular presentations. I hate presentations!!! My first journal and group presentation is due on Tuesday. I'm not happy! Two more classes in the Fall and I'm done and on to a more "estrogen" friendly environment-St. Kates!

I've been low on the workouts this past week. Two 1 hour workouts.
1. due to high stress level
2. I managed to get a heel spur last week when I walked 5 miles. It's been killing me to the point that I had issues sleeping on Monday and Tuesday night. I'm planning on doing a bit of stretching then going for a 3 mile run tonight...we'll see what happens!

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