Saturday, July 22, 2006


My boss has been out of town for the last week and of course the shit has to go down whilst she's gone.
Something happened to P on Wednesday and his Manager (who I can't stand!) inadvertently got me involved to which HR got involved and I'm sure my boss will get the low down on Monday when she comes in. I have dealt with the situation and it's over. I'm not at risk at this time of being fired but P wasn't as lucky. The whole situation has left me with a feeling of being very vulnerable and as if I can be preyed on by the "bigger animals in the jungle". This thought scares me, angers me and has left me deflated. I have been thinking of transferring out of my division or finding another job. I don't like the fact that my boss seems to have lost a bit of her ability to "relate to the little people" in our dept, including me. I'm expecting to get little to no sympathy in this situation and I think that will determine what happens.
That's pretty much all I can divulge until next week for I can't write about it until I can be objective and not angry.
Both P and I are fine and will continue to be so-no worries!
Until next week........!
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