Thursday, June 01, 2006

Summer Plans

I've taken assessment of my current financial, physical and personal situations and have decided to start a part time job on top of my full time job and continue with school AND continue to work on my body over the summer. Be mindful that I don't want to spend my summer working my ass off, but there's a few things that need to be taken care of. I've turned off my cable for the summer, switched phone companies and pared down everything to a nub. A g-friend of mine is assisting me with a part time job and my new summer session course is going to be VERY interesting.

Task 1: Credit card- I paid off 2,000 but it seemed to crawl back up 2,000 as of late. Mostly due to the fact it cost $911. to fix my car.

Task 2: Finish summer classes-: OK, I'm retaking Courtship and they call it Sex, Marriage and Family. We were talking about the technics of shagging, putting condoms on bananas and how the media/movies convince women that they need to look like me but with implants! (much skinnier too!) So far it's been the best$400. I've spent ! Summer session 2 is Anthropology-study of Religion, Witchcraft and Magic. My idea of an interesting class! Then perhaps Calculus in the fall.

Task 3: Working out- Hey, I'm finding it very difficult to make it home by 7p, eat, do my hour of cardio and my hour of weight lifting then go to bed. I mean, last night I decided to go to a movie and by the time I got home it was already9p. I went for a quick run (35 mins), skipped eating, showered and went to bed, all by 10p...

Task 4: Summer job- TBD

Task 5: House stuff- Gabriel is pulling out the fur on his legs because of his allergies, Katie needs to be declawed because she's not using the scratching post but my $1,000 sectional and has already scratched a hole in it. The main floor needs to be finished, painted and curtains hung up. I also need to buy and have installed 2 ceiling fan/lights and a storm door. The nights have been miserable without a ceiling fan and I always worry that the fuffers will get their tails stuck in a floor fan.

Task 6: Summertime!-I'm hoping to get in a bit of tanning, swimming (the waterpark!!) biking, tennis and maybe the batting cages! Nothing like taking a smack at something coming 70 mph and knockin' the skin right off of it!

Task 7: Gift to Myself-I'm going to spend 3 days in Wisconsin at the end of August to spend some time with the ladies and to see Nelson! I figure by that time I'll be tired as all get out and need a little R&R or perhaps more sleep!
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