Saturday, June 03, 2006

A Proposal on the Train

I was leaving work last night, waiting for the train outside my building, found my seat, put on my headphones...nothing unusual, typical day. I suddenly feel someone next to me, I turn around and this guy is talking to me. I take off my headphones and he's telling me how my hair looks like gold with the sun shining on it, could he touch it? I told him he could. He starts to "pet" me then buries his face in my hair and proceeds to tell me that I smell good as he continues to sniff me. He then asks how long it took for me to grow it that long. "Five years or more" I responded. He takes out his drivers license and shows me that he had long hair once too. I smiled and told him that was great.. He then tells me that he just wanted to come over and touch my hair and that he was sorry for disturbing me. I told him it was fine and thanked him. He goes back to his seat and I put my headphones back on.

Not 2 seconds later he sits next to me and starts talking again. I take off my headphones and he's telling me that his children died and shows me two tattoos that I can't make out on the inside of his forearms. I told him I was sincerely sorry that happened. He starts quoting movie lines to me.."well that's ok, you have to shit in one hand and wish in the other and see which one fills up first" and "well I've had a hard knock life". I started to laugh. He then tells me how beautiful I am then closes his eyes and puts his head down like he's working up the nerve to say something. Then he finally says it. "I was really afraid to come over and talk to you, but you're really nice"! "Thanks" I say. Then he gets up and kneels on the floor and tells me that he wants to marry me, that he has found the girl and kisses my hand. I put my hand over my heart and tell him, kindly, thank you, but while I am very flattered I will have to decline the offer. He laughs and says ok, thanks me for being so nice to him, bows and walks off the train. He appears outside my window and yells "you're wonderful!" I smile and wave goodbye.

If this were almost anyone else I would've cried but unfortunately this guy was only 45 but looked 60, had a mouthful of rotten teeth, his body covered in black tattoos, he also got off the train at the V.A. hospital so I'm thinking perhaps he's a mentally ill vet?
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