Thursday, June 29, 2006

Nelson Show in Iowa

I wasn't planning on going to this show, but decided at the last minute to go…..
1. For vanity’s sake-I haven’t lost enough weight yet.
2. I was hoping I could go as more of an "observer"…Sort of observe the personalities of the Twins, see what their like, how they move around in the world. They are nice guys, but I wanna know..... are they slobs? do they pick their nose? do they run around with holes in their socks? Inquiring minds........... That’s my wierd side kicking in.

Anyway, my g-friend Shannon and I drove out to Arnold’s park, Iowa. Nothing unusal, nice day, a hot 88 degrees to be exact, cool tunes and the fact that I love me a good road trip! 4 hrs and 22 mins later (hey, we got a bit lost!) We end up by this little rock ‘n’roll museum and there are the guys. They were "inducting" their dad into the museum by inserting a commemorative paver into the sidewalk next to the museum. They made a speech etc. prior to us arriving but I only saw them holding the paver, take a few pix and say their thanks. We looked around a bit, before deciding to stake out our spot in front of the stage. Within a few minutes it started to rain and rain hard. We literally had no where to stand, one side trees-the other, a lake. After standing there for about 30 mins Matthew came out and asked if we were ok and said that they’d still play if we wanted to stick around. Heellloo, we were not planning on going anywhere-thanks for asking though! We stuck it out and the outcome was no rain, a beautiful rainbow and sunset. The opening band, Tobey Caine came out and played for a bit. There was a hottie rhythm guitar player that looked like a little, bald Ewan McGregor and yes, I did take a couple snaps of him as well. Afterall, there are still 149,222,100. men in the U.S. to meet. 3 billion people in the U.S. as of this fall. (see, that trivial crap again and besides can’t let Matty and G-man think they’re the only hotties on the planet!) Anyways, the guys came out and played. It was fabulous! As usual they put on a great, energetic and professional show…and were very humble.

We girlies got in line to say hi, have our pix taken and I swore (poor Tracy) I couldn’t do it. I KNEW that even though I was of sane mind now, as soon I got up there next to them I’d turn into babbling monkey, which is what happened……

Matt was talking to Shannon and I didn’t want to be rude imposing on her time with the guys and interrupt Matt. (mamma taught me well!) I just stood there…noticing that Gunnar was just a couple of feet away staring at me…..Like a dork, I attempted to avoid his look until he asked me "are we ready"? I realized, "duh! He’s waiting for you, you idiot"!! I said "yes, yes, shit! I’m sorry, I’m sorry". He told me there was "no need to apologize". All of a sudden the witty and intellectual sentence that I had planned all week to say, just zapped out of my head! Snap! Gone! My "southern manners" kicked in that I didn’t want to assume that I could touch the guys, much less put my arms around them, they (at the same time) did it for me….which I have to say was sort of a turn on….ahem…... I digress.. Matthew then makes mention of my shirt and I ignore him! Not on purpose mind you, my mind was apparently on holiday! Matthew then looks at me and says "could you at least pretend you like us"? That made me feel bad…*Guy, if you only knew, neither one of you would be standing! Gunnar said something I didn’t quite catch, but made the girls go "awwww" and in response to it (I assumed it was something nice) I put my head on his shoulder and all of a sudden I saw several camera flashes going off.
That made me giggle even more and that’s when Tracy took this picture. Yeah, all cheeks and teeth! I then did my "smart ass" John Lennon, "OK" sign, but my hands were still on their backs. Here I'm panicked at the thought both of them would think I was doing something obscene so I did it again but in front of all of us. I was able to muster a barely audible "thank you" before I practically fell into my group of g-friends, forgetting that I was supposed to take Tracy’s picture next. (Typical! all verklempt and no place to go!) I took her picture and we all hung out for awhile before telling the guys we’d see them in 7 weeks at What Cheer and (of course) I piped in with "see ya in Green Bay"! Myself and a few of the girls tried to find a place to eat but everything was closed, so we went to the hotel to oogle over the pictures etc. we had taken .

I eventually fell asleep with the contentment of having a fairly perfect evening.

Thanks Matty and G-man!
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