Friday, May 12, 2006

Treatment Done!

Today had my treatment taken out! It was a bit painful, I (of course) cramped and bled-a lot. Anyway, My nurse Joanie weighed me when I arrived and I've managed to lose 14lbs, more than I thought. So I can only assume that I've lost 14lbs in two weeks of being on this "Dr. Brian"diet. Yea!

My cancer doctor wanted to take a biopsy, I agreed but after taking the thing out I wasn't up for it and I don't think my body was either. For some reason my body goes into "alarm" status when something is inserted in that area. The entire lower portion of my body just tightens and cramps up on it's own. I never knew I had stomach muscles until I started treatment. My stomach, abdomen and thighs seize so hard that every muscle can be seen. Who would think a tiny little plastic thing could cause so much stress on one's body? My Cancer Dr asked if I wanted to see it. I told her "not really", but she showed me anyway. My response was "well, ok, there goes breakfast!" She laughed and told me I'm such a pleasure to deal with because I'm so funny. Hmm?!

I received my "prevention" instructions, hugged my Cancer Dr and my nurse Joanie. I really think that their kindness and "babying" helped with my quick turn around. Thanks Joanie!!! I certainly don't miss having cancer but I will miss Joanie and Dr. G. !

Thanks cannot not express my gratitude.

* I found out later that P was a bit nervous about me doing this alone and attempted to meet up with me at the hospital. Unfortunately he missed me by 15 mins. Thank you for being there for me P!

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