Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Musical in my Head

In case you haven't figured me out yet I'm a HUGE dreamer. I can spend weekends just daydreaming and have, leaving me with "where in the hell did the weekend go"? Anyway every guy I meet or anticipate meeting (if he's cute and nice) I have this damn recurring, silly, dream type, musical going on in my head-a la Grease I guess.

My latest anticipation (not gone tell you who! That would spoil it!) and I meet as I'm doing my nightly run/walk. It's twilight out and there aren't a lot of people around and he's just out getting some exercise like myself. I'm sort of singing to myself and he hears me and laughs (you would to if you heard me sing!). He scares me and immediately apologizes. I sit down on a hillside looking over the place we are staying and he stands looking at me. I tell him that I think the view is beautiful and he just continues looking at me and says "yes it is". I realize he's talking about me. I blush. We continue talking as we walk back and I tell him if he's interested I could meet him at the restaurant down the road. He agrees and in 30mins I have changed into this beautiful long, light blue halter dress. When I arrive I realize that it's a restaurant and club. I walk in and look around, I see him and he smiles at me, motioning to come over. I have to cross the dance floor and as I do I look right at him ignoring all the people dancing. He's with a couple of his friends and when I come over he introduces them to me. I decide that I'm not hungry and opt for a vodka sour. We talk a bit and "Baby Come Back" by Player comes on. He asks me to dance and I agree. As we are dancing I start to sing along with the song and so does he. Then you know it, we are looking into each others eyes singing to each other...

When the song ends we kind are "zapped" back to reality and go back to our table. We continue to talk until "Don't Cha'" by the Pussycat Dolls comes on. For some reason I get up and start doing this "semi" striptease and singing to the song. He starts out laughing then ends up being sorta turned on by it. After my little show is over, I come back to the table in which he states "Where did you learn to do that?" I don't respond just smile.

The night winds down, we both are getting tired and are bit tipsy. We go back to the place we are staying and to our separate rooms where he kisses me goodnight. I want to invite him in for a shag but don't want to pigeonhole myself as being an "easy catch". I go inside and he leaves. I then dance around singing "I Feel Pretty" to myself and constantly blushing.

The next morning I shower, get dressed for the day and go get some breakfast. I find that he has left. I'm extremely disappointed.

Later on when I'm packing to go home (I have no clue where I actually am or staying!) I get a call. It's him saying he had to leave ASAP but definitely wanted to see me again. He asks for my full name, number and address.

Yeah, yeah, I realize it sucks to have to put a guy through all of that!!! Every one of my b-friends has been put through that, one actually made out alive too! The story line in real life has a tendency to change a bit. I haven't always been successful in not inviting them in for a shag. I'm almost never anywhere else other than at work or home.

It just goes to show the men not all women want sex, they mostly want to be desired.
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