Saturday, April 29, 2006

What the Hell Has Happened to Us?

Why have we allowed ourselves individually to feel so worthless as to praise the jail bait antics of a control freak like Tom Cruise? Who the hell ever let this loser on a movie set? Do you not find this quote unbelieveable? " "Katie" is not a name for a child-bearing woman so now she will go by "Kate," What?! Why is this all over the TV and internet? Why does he even get press for this crap? I'm dying here!!! Talk about control freak. Good luck to your child, she'll need it. Why do we give press to dorks like Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson and her talentless sister? Why do real women (including myself) get the "priviledge" to be compared to these 20 something children who do nothing with their lives but sponge off their parents when there are REAL woman out there who have brains, who wouldn't marry or have a child with a control freak like Tom Cruise, or have the men in my life (father's included) run my career like the Simpson's. I'll give a hint! As long as there are "hot blooded American" man/boys running around there will always be a need for the Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsens and the Jessica and Ashlee Simpson’s. I hate it. I’m 36 years old and I can’t stand the fact that almost every guy I meet expects me to be pretty, thin and stupid. I don’t know how many times I’ve given an opinion on current events and have been told I’m stupid, am an idiot, I apparently don’t know the facts. I’m cute but not sexy, never was actually thin, not built like….., not pretty like…. Who says I’m supposed to be any of those things? People, I know what I know, I am what I am. I can tell you this I definitely not stupid, or ugly (I am cute-yes) or fat and opinions are valid. Yes- Opinions. Everyone has them and I’ve been known to change mine and that’s all we have on a lot of political, religious and social issues. We were not there and unless we were when it happens we can give an opinion on what we THINK happened. To the men out there, for god sakes man, grow a pair and deal with the fact that a mental challenge with a woman is a good thing, not something to be feared. I love a man who can go mono-a- mono with me mentally and physically. That’s my idea of a man-boys no need to apply but I disgress.

Don’t get me wrong here, I did find myself buying into the celebrity game. Remember when Super Models ruled? Cindy Crawford was in every damn, song, commercial, video, magazine, TV show, I think I even saw her on a box of corn flakes once. That’s what my friends and I bought into for a brief time. If I didn’t wear Charlie, wash my hair with Revlon products, host a fashion TV show, marry a hot celebrity and be so devastatingly beautiful that men would write that perfect top 10 love song about me, I’d be crap. With that same thought I took that box of corn flakes with her picture on it and burned a hole through her forehead with my cigarette. Cindy you are smart, but I don’t want to be you. I’d rather be me. I like me - a lot. True, I am cute but will never be sexy, a bit chunky, one eyebrow is ½" higher on the left than the right, I love my job as an Assistant, I own a beautiful "a work in progress" house, I have a weird sense of humor, I have 2 entertaining cats, 2 ex boyfriends that I still love and think are the shit, who also like me and a family that is basically a mixed bag of nuts, I am smart and like most I’m still trying to figure it all out. I do get jealous that "so in so" just got married or had a baby or is able to take exotic vacations. Yes- that’s me too. It took from 18-28 to just figure that part out. I struggle, but it's the journey that makes someone's life, not the destination-that I know and am trying to live it.
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