Thursday, April 13, 2006

Have You Ever?

1- Heard Larry the Cable Guy's joke - Have you ever farted so hard your back cracked? Yep!

2- When wearing yellow and green, have someone say you looked like a booger?! yep!

3- Laughed so hard you peed? or pooped? Yep!

4- Just for the hell of it, spit a large chuck of meat that you were chewing onto your lunch buddy? Yep!

5- Sat in a room of co-workers off shift and had nothing to say to them that wasn't work related? yep!

6- Gotten drunk with co-workers and said something so stupid your boss had to cover her ears and yell "la, la, la I can't hear you"? Yep!

7- Heard that your are the department drunk?

8- Heard that you were gay because you hang out with people who are? Oh yeah...

9- Wanted to yell at the person who never washes their hands after using the bathroom?

10- Wanted to explain why "the braids and belly exposing outfit isn't a good look" to a woman that is over 45 and graying?

11- Had to explain that "Please" is much better than "You have to.."

12- Wanted have it all and a bag of chips? Yep!

13- Felt that your job is something that you can only handle "mentally" for another 10 years? All the time!!

14- Wanted to slap someone who is blatantly being rude?

15- Wonder why people like Britney Spears only sing, but are called Musicians?
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