Sunday, March 26, 2006

Exhausting Week

Katie is getting better-slowly. I've let her out of confinment for most of the day, but when I 'm at work she stays in the bathroom.

We had a little "episode" last week. I let her out of the bathroom for a bit and closed the door so Gabriel couldn't come in. She slept for awhile then got up, took 5 steps and proceeded to piss in my bed. Being that I'm a germ freak etc. I threw her into the bathroom and proceeded to spend the next 2 hours washing the the two blankets her pee seeped through. I then decided to clean out the bathroom and realized that she had been peeing on my bathroom rugs. So down in the wash went those to. I decided to move her to the bathroom downstairs. I've had her down there for 3 days now and she's only peed in the litterbox. I still don't want to take a chance that she'll piss on the carpet while I'm at work. She still isn't completely 100% either.

Anyway, dealing with all this cat crap, I've still been sick. I actually got P sick too, poor hamster guy. This cold crap seems to be going around the office. It was so bad for me that the menial duties of Monday night's awards dinner kicked my ass into exhaustion. I actually wanted to go to work and school the next day! P bitched my ass out and reminded me that I just dodged the cancer bullet and if my body needs to rest, I should rest it. Besides I'm still in treatment until May. I stayed home. A week and a half later, I'm still sick. I've been doing the meds but don't want to go to the doctor if I can help it. I'm up to my ears in medical bills and certainly don't need another one.

Getting sick at work while working sets me into a bit of a depression. When I'm sick every little task seems hard to do or takes too long. I feel that I'm not getting anything done and everything down to walking down the hall to go to the bathroom seems very overwhelming. Sitting around at home just seems dumb. Sleeping sounds good but I have to be tired or it just seems like I'm sitting at home being miserable.
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