Sunday, February 19, 2006

Valentine's Day

Hey! Had a pretty decent V-day this year. My dad gave me a diamond necklace which I wore on Monday, scared to death that I would lose it, break it or someone would steal it. It did make it throught the day without any of the above, to which I promptly locked it up in it's original box. P gave me a bouquet of daisies and in return I gave him one of those stuffed animals from Hallmark. I gave him the tiger since the tiger, lion, puma, cougar thing is a little private joke between the two of us. Once I gave it to him, he laughed hysterically! Like a Ti-ger!!! GRRRR!

Work has been work as of late, lot of people to add to my group-totalling 31 to be exact. I was offically promoted, we had our big conference and a few gossipy tidbits happened....

P hates his job at the bank. I feel bad about that since my friend Dan and I helped him get the job. Apparently his dept is understaffed and his supervisors claim that they have been trying to hire people. It's been a year and still no help. In the meanwile, his coworkers are dropping like flies. One quit and another has transferred out. Instead of 5 now there's 3 all with about 1,000 companies a piece. This doesn't include contacts per company. It's a bit too much and his supervisors are getting on there cases because the clients are complaining that they can never get a hold of anyone. Like hire 3 people already!!!!

One of bestest friends at work just put in her notice last week, prompting us to go out Thursday with the group and take her out for drinks. When she first told me I bawled my eyes out. I've been working with her for 2 years and she up and quits. I'm totally screwed.
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