Sunday, January 29, 2006

I "Semi" Retract my Brad Pitt Statement

OK, ok, heard a bit of guff in regards to my statements about Brad Pitt. I never said I didn't like some of his movies. However, I think he has become a shitty actor. 7 Years in Tibet is one of his best, considering it made shit at the box office. I also love Legends of the Fall, to which after watching it again today, makes me love him a little bit, or at least have some rocking sex with him before throwing him some cash and sending him back to Angelina Jolie. I liked him in Spy Game with Robert Redford. He was very good in that too, but I paid more attention to Robert Redford. Even though the man is like 80-years old, he's still hot. (Don't even get me started on Robert Redford.I absolutley LOVE him.) The rest of Brad's resume sucks. Especially Mr. and Mrs. Smith. He seems to be making movies that use more of his looks that his acting ability, besides I like movies are aren't so "fantasy" oriented. Shit, can Hollywood come out with something less fantastic and more REAL? Probably not, as long and people are willing to pay $7.00 a ticket to see crap.
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