Sunday, January 15, 2006

Back to School Again

School started on Tuesday. I’ve decided-gain, after another billion years (5 actually) that I should get down on it and go back until I graduate. So here I am, in English Lit talking about Short Stories. Some by Daudet, Poe and the like. I didn’t take this class thinking it would easy, but I did think it was class I could handle, I mean it is only 3 credits. Nothing really funny occurred in class except the Prof did say something that I took literally and found that the dark cloak of ignorance had been lifted, and that wasn’t a good thing. We were talking about how people tell exaggerated stories about themselves, to make themselves seem better or different. He then leans over by me and says " ..everyone likes to pretend their different, but their not." I all of a sudden felt like I was transported into the Matrix or something. I sat there, totally befuddled and thought, "I’m not special, there’s not a damn thing, a morsel or anything that makes me different than any other person?" Huh, I thought was a bit special. Well, in more of a "Princess" kind of way, but special none the less. This disturbed me , enough to talk to P about it. He told me that I took it a bit to literally, that’s not what the Prof meant and that I am special, even in a "Princess" sort of way. So life is good again cuz' someone out there think's I'm special.

Back to reality, I'll need to take classes at Normandale until Summer Session II before I can transfer-again. Shit, I've been to so many schools I can barely keep trake these days. To be honest I don't even include ASU because I took duplicate courses from what I took at MSU. Don't ask, they thought by making me take Music Theory again that I could get better than a B. Right...

Anyway, I always have a wierd nostalgic feeling when I walk through the Music building there. All the choir shows I did, th emusic classes I took, Erik, Becky,Phil, Rachel and Kale. Those were some of the best years of my life and I didn't really drink it in. I haven't heard from Erik since I was in Arizona. Becky and Phil are still (unhappily) married last time I checked, I hear from Rachel several times a month and haven't seen or heard from Kale since he and Rachel divorced in the middle 90's.
"Life's like an hourglass glued to the table..."
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