Saturday, December 03, 2005

A Promotion of Sorts.....

Recently my boss, who is the VP of Marketing was just promoted to Executive VP of Marketing. We were notified that her boss decided to leave the company for a new opportunity with a competitor in New York. Which moved my boss and the VP of Product to Executive levels. It hasn't all been written in stone yet but how it's happened in the past with others is, if your boss moves up so does the Admin. So as of ?? I will become an Executive Admin Asst. In crease in pay plus my annual review is coming up soon. Yeah! Sort of happy about that. To think, most people have to have a college degree to get promoted!!!

I have almost finished with registering for school-yes I'm going back.
I'm going to take some sort of science class and a body building class. I took this course when I first started college in 1989. I was getting into really good shape then the semester was over and I didn't take it agian until Rachela nd took it at Mankato State. Anyway, between the Bowflex and this class I figure by this time next year I ought to be looking trailer fabulous!!!
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