Saturday, November 12, 2005


Well most of you who read this know that I missed most of October and November due to the fact that the OB/GYN/PCOS specialist that I've been seeing found some cancer cells on my uterus. The lab calls it cancer, so does my PCOS specialist, but my cancer specialist doesn't-yet. Well after 2 biopies that came back inconclusive, I was scheduled for a "D&C" type procedure that uses a laser to go in and "peel back" the lining of my uterus. I did that about 3 weeks ago. It came back with "cancer" cells. After talking with my OB/GYN/PCOS specialist he suggested that I have a hysterectomy. I didn't/don't want that but came up with being really the only way that I could prevent full blown cancer from appearing in the future.
Yesterday I met with my cancer specialist at Meadowbrook / Methodist. She doesn't feel it's as dire as we previously thought. She wants me to have her insert an IUD with ?progesterone? to see if these cells receed. From the literature given to me about this IUD it is mostly used for birth control methods but with the medicine attached, she's hoping that will take care of these cells after 3 months. The procedure took about 30 mins. I swear it was most painful thing I've ever experienced. Because I'm so narrow, it was difficult to position and I was cramping the entire time, to the point it took my breath away and I blacked out on the table. I guess I'll have to learn to keep my mouth shut, for I told her "I have I high thresold for pain". Yeah-smart thing to say. Anyway, that part is over and I'm due to go in to Methodist next week for an x-ray of my pelvis. She wants to make sure that there is no cancer in the surrounding nodes and anywhere else. After that I come back in February to have the IUD removed and have a D&C to determine if it worked. P and I have been talking about all of this, he thinks that if the tests in February comeback positive or negitive that I should consider going to the Mayo clinic. It is the best hospital in the world, shit George Harrison even went there! Unfortunatley our insurance doesn't pay for any treatment there. P says he'll pay for it if I go. I guess I'll decide that in February.
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