Saturday, July 30, 2005

It's Mine- for at least the next thirty years...

I stepped into the title company at 9:30a and after signing tons of paperwork (in triplicate),having 2 checks written to me and being congratulated- at 10:30a I was offically a home owner. I thought I was going to vomit. Afterward I was so overwhelmed I had to make a stop to the bathroom. I let it consume me for the rest of the day. I checked and it true? Is it really mine? is! What have I gotten myself into? Can I afford this? I looked at the payment break up and thought-"Shit yeah! I can totally afford this and then some!" Now....I'm excited as all get out!!!!
I had my "colors" already selected. My Mum had them made and brought them over to her house with all the "accessories" to go with them. She also bought me some very cool and sleek patio chairs. Thanks Mum!
I'm having my place professionally cleaned and I will have a weekend or two to paint prior to moving in. I figure I have until the end of the month since I am forced to pay for the month of August on the apartment. I'm so geeked on how fabulous I'm going to make this place. It will be fabulous because it will be mine!
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