Saturday, June 18, 2005

Figuring It Out

First off I want to thank everyone who's helping resolve the issue with the house. I don't like to hurt people's feelings (the loan officers, realtors etc.) but do want to get the best deal. I guess I'll have to be a bit of a hard ass about it and learn not to put all of my hopes into one place. Thanks to everyone who responded to my lame pleas!

Ok, Friday, let's talk about that shall we? I can't believe I held it together until about 4p. The day started out with my radiator blowing up in my car. I got about 3 miles before I had to call P for help. I figured he was already on his way to work if not getting ready to walk out the door. He picked me up and once at work I had the car towed to the shop. After that everything else just kinda fell apart. I ended up getting a bit behind in my work, I think everyone in a 4 row radius heard that I was having car issues because everyone around me was asking about it. I got my period in the middle of the afternoon. P left for the "Wedding"rehersal at 3p and I was trying to find a ride home after work. I called my folks for a ride home and got a bit of shit about "Always having problems" to which I say "Whatever". My boss is out on business and the materials that were supposed to be delivered didn't show up at the scheduled time and I bugged them so badly that I'm positive that I am permanantly banned from asking them to do any more print jobs for me. Received the news about the car and the waterpump that will cost me about $500. to replace and the possibility that a head gasket my go at any time which would cost me about $2,000 which is probably the worth of the car in general. This of course is not including the cost of towing. (breathe) After that, I lost it. I sat in the "lacation room" of the womens bathroom and had me a good cry. The "it's hopeless and life sucks" sort of cry. I just paid off my debts and was debt free, I'm trying (again) to buy a house and this happens. Crap!

After talking to my dad, P, my brothers and having something good in my belly, I decided to just get the water pump fixed and try to buy a house asap-which will include giving up the place I've had my eye on for awhile. I did find a couple of places in the same area, with a similar floor plan so I might just be ok. I think once the car is fixed I might try and get a second job for a bit, to pay off the car bill. Still trying to figure it all out though.
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