Tuesday, May 24, 2005


There was an accident in which the mother of a neighbor fell and injured herself-pretty bad. Well that was almost 2 years ago and suddenly I was served a subpoena to testify on what I saw on Saturday. I'm due in court on the 7th.I'm testifying for the property that manages my building. Crap. Why crap?
1. The daughter of this injured woman seems hostile and belligerent.
2. Since my "truth" does coinside with her "truth" could mean for some sort of retaliation on their part.
3. I'm nervous as hell-never been in a court room before.
4. I'll loose it and not only embarrass myself but the counsel that subpoenaed me.
The attorney came over to prep me,(P you owe me money-freak!)and look at the area in which she fell from my point of view. He'll be back sometime in the next couple of weeks to take pictures.
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