Monday, May 23, 2005

Review of Return of the Sith

I saw Return of the Sith with P on Thursday. Yeah, we are a bit geeky about taking a day off or whatever to really enjoy a big movie like this. I enjoyed it a hell of a lot more than The Phantom Menace-which basically consisted of wasting an hour and a half on a lame pod race and Attack of the Clones-which just sucked period. I think someone else other than Hayden Christensen should have played Anakin and Natalie Portman's part seemed forced. As usual Lucas (a Lucas trait) didn't give his actors direction AND he always states the obvious. Hence the ...." we can't find anything wrong with her, seems she's just lost the will to live..." Blah! P and I are privy enough to remember that Princess Leia in (I believe it was)Return of the Jedi states that she remembers her mother being sad...What the fa? She met her mother when she was born!! I suppose you could assume it's "the force", but Lucas "over explains" everything else, why not this? OK, ok, perhaps I'm getting a bit to involved. I mean I don't go dressed up as a Stormtrooper to movies or wait longer than 15 minutes in line for tickets but I do like the Star Wars films. It was a sort of family tradition when I was a kid and I was completely in love with Harrison Ford. Enough to write him and get some lame autographed photo. Probably worth money now, but I was crushed that he didn't write me back....who in the world could love him more than me....right?!! I thought it was a bit disturbing in parts....(leave now if you haven't seen the movie- major spoiler) When Anakin kills kids. Bothered me a bit and P a lot. He choked Padme unconscience and she died because...because...he turned into a killer...bothered me a ton and saddened me for days. I hate movies that include someone dying because they loved, it's the romantic in me I guess........
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