Sunday, April 03, 2005

Sleeping with the Sand Man

Damn, this is the first time in hours I've been awake. P and I went to bed around 2am and I slept until about 12 noon, grabbed a bit of something to eat and slept again from 4p to about 10p. I'm thinking it's not only the time change coming about this morning, but the fact that I've decided to take on my weight issue again. My Aunt is currently in the hospital with lukemia and I recently found out that one of my Uncle's died last year. It freaked me out a bit and so I've decided to eat less, eat better and excercise more. It seems to be working for I've lost 10lbs. I do feel better but am tired a lot. I'm joining L.A. Weight Loss in a couple of weeks to help me out with this. Look out dowtown, here comes the hot girl! Case you haven't noticed I've added this little blog to add to my website so I can add tidbits without posting a lengthy entry, which is difficult for me to do during conference season at work. So, here I will be for awhile, welcome!
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